Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Holidays

I wish I could say that I've been super busy and that's why I haven't posted anything. The truth is I just haven't gotten in to the swing of things since my kids went back to school. Hopefully I'll finish my girls room next year so I can move on to tackling my boys room. Christmas shopping is officially done.... Yay! From our home to yours.... Happy Holidays!!! 

Bird cages
we love white lights
because we have lame christmas lights my kids prefer our neighbors instead


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cardboard Chalk Board

I love money saving projects. Because I'm a fickle when it comes to committing to anything, I just couldn't bring myself to permanently turn my frames into chalk boards. I still had tons of cardboard boxes in our garage. For the wedding, I simply painted them with left over chalk board paint from a previous project. After it dried, I cut it to fit the the back of the frame and secured it with my trusty old staple gun all around the picture frame's perimeter. Voila ....  a temporary chalk board. If your anything like me and just can't bring yourself to committing your picture frames. Well there you go, a cheap and easy solution:)

Remember this old project... same technique 

Frame turned chalk board using cardboard

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Large Canvas

I saw a great post on sugarbeecrafts on how to make large canvases for super cheap by printing out images on engineer paper from Staples. I absolutely love love love this idea and used it to enlarge engagement images in the foyer area for a Wedding. It was so much fun that I did a few more for my sister in law. We printed them in different sizes and created a family photo wall. I love money saving ideas:)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Light Up Letters

Photos courtesy of jayebphotography

I wanted to share my favorite diy project that we did for the wedding. I absolutely love anything and everything typography. For the wedding I really wanted something unique and modern as a backdrop behind the wedding table. After showing the Mr what I wanted, we headed to Lowe's and purchased 2 large sheets of styrofoam. These  big styrofoam pieces are used to insulate houses. They cost around $13 each. What also  made this project super easy was the styrofoam we bought  had a silver foil like shinny side. We used the silver shinny side as the front side of each letter.

As a template we enlarged each letter on the computer  and printed them out. We traced them on the styrofoam and cut them out, yes it's that simple. Holes for each light bulb were made and excess cords were tapped in the back of the letters so they were well hidden. The letters were super light and easy to hang up. What I loved about this project is that it was cheap, and your able to get the large letters you want without paying a lot of money. It definately achieved the look we were aiming for that day

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Photo by jayebphotography
Summer has been a bit hectic but I wanted to post what projects were done before school starts next week. In July my husband's cousin got married. Her wedding reception was held at the LDS gym in Carson. Her colors were coral and gray. It was a hectic 24 hours, but it really helped to have TONS of help which I got a lot of {thank goodness}. For a year I sat and stared at photos of this building trying to sketch out every detail of what and how I wanted everything to look. I'm grateful for family members that took the time to take pictures, because of them I'm able to blog with photos:)    

outside... forgot to take a picture after the flowers were added

Outside before......

sign in area... tissue pom pom ceiling. So wished I didn't forget 2 chairs I had planned on to flank the sides of the dresser
before adding flowers

before the cake... chiffon peach & coral ribbons
leave a note for the couple
Love Story Chalkboard

drape & paper lantern ceiling

LOVE sign behind the wedding party

burlap & lace runners.... stacked books, petals & candles

favor candy boxes

bride & her handsome brothers

Congratulations Teuila & Joseph jayebphotography

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Be Brave

I've always had a passion for decorating. I'm not the best at it, but I love doing it:) This year has been a busy year for me and my family. I had planned to go back to school but chose to wait for fall semester because of all the traveling we've been doing. In 14 days I will decorate my last and 3rd wedding. It's made me think about ALOT of things. I know that overcoming the one BIG obstacle that I have in my life will help me {my family}  move forward. I think I've given FEAR enough years of my life. Since I haven't posted any new home projects, I thought I share what I've been working on for the weeding.

My crooked sign lol

 Banner in progress!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



 My brother, the baby of the family finally tied the knot to his beautiful sweet bride in the Draper LDS Temple in Salt Lake City Utah. We were then treated to a delicious family dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building later that evening. The reception was held the next day at The Garden Place at Heritage Park. It was definitely a fun filled two days. I was so lucky to find an amazing woman in Utah whom I was able to delegate my vision to over the phone and via emails of what I wanted for the reception hall. After shipping boxes from San Diego to Utah, not to mention hauling my mirror there. It was time to pull it all together.


favorite vintage rental in Utah... Sheri


Photo by Alixannloosle Photography

Photo by Chantelmarie Photography

Time to put up the paper lantern cords... such a pain in the butt. Sometimes I think things are going to be so easy. How hard can it be right? yeah it took us almost 2 hours to hang one strand because they were so heavy. Thankfully, I have the Mr. to thank for climbing up the ladder and using his muscles to pull those wires across and secure them. There were times that we had the wire break and I screamed trying to catch the cords before the light bulbs break. Once we hung that first strand of lights, we pretty much had a system figured out. Hopefully will remember all of this in 5 weeks when we have to put it back up for a nieces wedding in July

The Venue Before



Photo by chantelmarie